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Bingo Creator for PowerPoint

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Have you have tried a few online bingo creators, only to find yourself switching back to creating Bingo Cards manually again in PowerPoint? Do you want to add images and text (with an exact font and size) in your Bingo Card creation?

Then Bearwood Labs Bingo Creator for PowerPoint has been designed just for you. It allows you to have all the flexibility of PowerPoint to design with the exact fonts, images and shapes you want to have in your Bingo Cards. And then with a click of a button, it will generate 100s of unique bingo cards, ready for personal or commercial use.


  • Easy to use (if you know the basics of PowerPoint, you can use this add-in)
  • Design bingo cards the way you want them to look - with the full power of PowerPoint (the fonts you want, the images and shapes you want)
  • With a click of a button - 100s of unique bingo cards are created
  • You can use the bingo cards you create for commercial and personal use

How does it work?

Step 1: Insert a Bingo table
  • After you have installed the add-in, a new Bingo Creator tab is created in PowerPoint
  • Click on Insert Bingo template in the Bingo Creator tab
  • Enter the dimension of the bingo table
  • Click on OK and a table with the exact dimensions will be created in the slide
Step 2: Fill the table with text, images and shapes
  • Fill in the table with any images, text or shapes.
Step 3: Generate Bingo Cards
  • Click on “Generate Bingo Cards”
  • Fill in how many pages you want
  • Bingo Creator will shuffle and create 100 unique bingo cards for you
Optional Step: Add even more bingo items into the mix
  • As an optional step, you can create an additional table in order to add even more bingo items into the mix
  • i.e. when you want to have a 3 x 3 bingo template, but you want to shuffle more than 9 items


How is this different to other bingo creator programs?
This one is fully integrated into PowerPoint. This means you can use whatever font, image, text or shape you want in your Bingo Card design.

Can I create 5x5 bingo card set? Yes. You can insert any table into your slide at any size (3x3, 4x4, 5x5 or even 7x5) and it will be able to create bingo cards sets from it?

Can I mix images and text into the table? Yes. In fact, whatever you put into each cell of the table is what will be used as a bingo card item. If you have text at the bottom of the cell and an image in the center, that will be used as a bingo card item.

If I have a 3 x 3 bingo card, can I mix in extra bingo card items not in the 3x3 grid?
Yes you can. When you design your bingo card table, you can create another table to the left of it. Any items you place in there, will also be used to shuffle into the mix.

How is this different to Power Pack and the ability to shuffle items? Power Pack’s shuffle feature is great if you need a generic shuffle feature on any items in Power Point. However, if you want to specifically create Bingo Cards in the shortest possible time, including creating slides automatically, shuffling text and images together in a table, adding new bingo items into the mix, this add-in is for you.

Is there a refund guarantee?
On all the products at Bearwood Labs, if you are not 100% happy with your purchase for whatever reason, you will get a full refund.

System Requirements

  • Windows: PowerPoint 2010 or newer
  • Mac: PowerPoint 2016 or newer

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Bingo Creator for PowerPoint

11 ratings
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