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Power Pack for Power Point (PC edition)

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What is Power Pack?

Power Pack is specifically designed for those who spend a lot of their time in Power Point. It is an add-in will appear as a new tab in Power Point.

What features are included in Power Pack:

#1 Feature - Copy to all Slides

With a click of a button you can copy any object across all the slides (think watermarks that you have to copy across all your slides). If you make any further changes to any of the copied objects and you want to apply the same changes to all the others, just click the “Copy to all Slides” button again, and the same will be applied to all the other objects.

#2 Feature - Shuffle items

Select two or more objects on the slide, click the shuffle items button, and they each will take the position of another object.

#3 Feature - Replace with Image(s)

One of the most requested features. Select one or more images in your slide. Click on “Replace with Image”, select a new image, and all will be replaced with the new image.

#4 Feature - Insert image(s) into Placeholder(s)

Start off with a presentation that has image placeholders. Click on “Insert image(s) into placeholders”, select the images you want. They will automatically be spread across the entire PowerPoint, into the various placeholders. Your product previews will take a few seconds to complete with this feature.

#5 Feature - Export selected slide(s) to Images

Highlight one or many slides, and click on “Export to JPG / PNG or new PowerPoint” and you will get high quality images exported to a folder you chose.

#6 Feature - Same size feature

Select two or more shapes and with a click of a button you can make them the same size (or height or width). The first object you select becomes the “reference” object. Any other objects you select after this will then inherit the size or width of the “reference” object you first selected.

You can also select any object and click the “Same size / width / height” as the slide button. This will then stretch out the object to slide size.

#7 Feature - Change slide size

Instantly change your slide size to any of these sizes:

- A4 Portrait or Landscape
- A3 Portrait or Landscape
- Letter Portrait or Landscape
- Pinterest (long pin)
- Square size (for your covers)

#8 Feature - Insert images as new slides

Select all the images you want to have as new slides. A new slide is inserted for every image you chose.

#9 Feature - Crop to fit / fill many images at once

Select one or more images. Click on Crop -> to fill / to fit or no crop and all the images will automatically be changed to the crop setting you chose.

What do you get when you purchase Power Pack?

✔ Setup file that will add Power Pack as a new tab (an add-in) in PowerPoint

✔ A Personal License enabling you to use Power Pack wherever you create your resources from

✔ Personal Support from me for any question that you might have

✔ Most importantly, you save an enormous amount of time creating in Power Point


All the above features are included in the early access version. The product is still in beta, meaning there will be some changes made during this time. The documentation for Power Pack has not been completed yet.

The early access version is released at a big discount. You will also be able to give me valuable insights into how you are using the product and what should be added / changed.

I want to make Power Pack the best product possible for TPT sellers. I want you to have early access to it, and provide as much feedback as possible in order to make it an even better product.

What if the product isn’t the right fit for you after your purchase? This product is guaranteed for a whole month. If for any reason (and you don’t have to give a reason) you don’t like the product, you can ask for a full refund. And we’ll refund your money with a smile.

Yes, if you purchase the early access version you have access to all the future upgrades of Power Pack.

Unfortunately, for the time being Power Pack only works on a PC with Microsoft Windows :( :( . This is because Microsoft has restricted their office development library to only work on PCs.

Microsoft Windows 7 - 10 Microsoft Office 2010 - 2019

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Power Pack for Power Point (PC edition)

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